ABO Blood Grouping System

Functions of Blood System

Transport: to and from tissue cells

Temperature Regulation: by altering the blood flow through the skin.

Immunity: protection against pathogens — blood clotting; phagocytes, lymphocytes and antibodies distributed in blood.

Communication: hormones distributed to all parts of the body in the blood.

Composition of Blood

Plasma: pale yellow sticky liquid; 55% of blood volume.

Components: water 92%, dissolved protein 8%, glucose ABO Blood Grouping System, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, urea, uric acid, CO2, hormones, antibodies.

Suspended Solids

Textbook Diagram: structure of suspended solids of blood.

Red Blood Cells

White Blood Cells (leucocytes)


Specialist White Blood Cells

Monocytes: largest white blood cells – engulf viruses, cancer cells, damaged and dead tissue cells.

T Lymphocytes (T cells) – made in the bone marrow, mature in the thymus.

B Lymphocytes (B cells): specific antibody producing cells.

Blood Grouping

ABO Blood Grouping System

Four groups. The blood group depends on the presence or absence of antigen A and antigen on the surface of red blood cells.

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